We are Irena and Teja, the creators of a unique, 100% natural, homemade cosmetic line which we’ve created based on our own experience with sensitive skin and joint pain. The ingredients that we use to create the ointments include extra virgin olive oil, virgin beeswax, oil extracts of domestic and autogenous plants (that we harvest by ourselves) and lavender essential oils.

It all began with harvesting herbs for our own use many years ago. We used the herbs to brew tea, make spices and create fragrances. Quickly, their numerous useful and beneficial effects became apparent. That’s why I, Irena, chose to attend a course dedicated to creating homemade natural cosmetics. Using bee products obtained from our very own homegrown bees, I eventually developed a recipe for my own ointments, that quickly became popular among a wide range of friends and acquaintances. The demand for these products increased rapidly as our customers began to notice their positive effects.

Teja and I have also used the ointments for nursing injuries, hard skin and fungal infections of domestic animals. The results have been excellent! We have bunnies at home, we used to have a dog named Ringo, now we have a Labrador Žak, who receives regular nourishment of his paws with our ointments.

Because of the increasing number of satisfied users who have used the ointments for themselves or their animals, we decided to design and register our homemade natural cosmetic line Astreja.

With Astreja we want to help the people that suffer from joint pain, rheumatic conditions, sciatica, dry skin, allergy eager skin, prolonged wound healing, ulcerations containing pus, fungal infections, burns, scars, striae, hemorrhoids, cellulite, psoriasis, dermatitis, respiration system illness … There’s something for everybody. ????

With Astreja we want to help the domestic animals which spend more and more time with their paws on hot tarmac, which causes dry paw skin. With the ointments we achieve a quicker healing of grazes, gashes, scars, fungal infections, dermatitis, thorn stitches and inflamed skin injuries.

Astreja's aim is to present our homemade naturals cosmetic to people and their animals, thereby helping them ease or eliminate their troubles in a natural way.

Those who aim high and do good, will reach the stars.